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Iron Duke Latest Releases

Sikhs/Punjabis and Water!

Iron Duke's latest releases have just been added to our store. These include a useful supplemental pack for the Sikhs and a great bit of colour in the shape of a company water bullock!



 These can be purchased HERE


New 1898 Miniatures Releases

Suitable for the Philippines

We have just added three more figure sets to our 1898 Miniatures store. This excellent range is steadily growing and the latest offerings are wearing the standing collar coat and 1897 pattern colonial equipment suitable for the Philippines. Loads of character and style!





These can be found in the 1898 store HERE 




CV33 Lanciafiamme Variant Released

'Barrel' Type CV33 brings the heat! 

To mark the additional of our Italians to our new World War Two store (and the re-introduction of a dedicated Abyssinian Conflict store), we have released a variant of the Italian CV33. This flame-throwing light tank is a later variant of the classic trailer Lanciafiamme design.





 This little beauty can be found HERE


Zulu War British Wagons

New British Equipment Releases

We've added some new (and quite essential) kit to our Zulu War British Store.

Service Wagons and Water Wagons were a common sight on many 19th Century campaigns for obvious reasons. These kits are simple to assemble and would work as raid objectives, barricades or as part of an invasion column.

The  wagon comes on it's own or as part of a larger set which includes a full compliment of draft oxen and a driver. We also have an optional bag-load which adds a lot of character and detail to the kit.







 These can be found along with the rest of our extensive Zulu War British range HERE





Empress Miniatures 28mm World War Two

First Releases for a Major New Range

Well, this is a big day here at Empress Miniatures, and one that sees the release of a significant new range for us.

Firstly a little history. We first met Paul Hicks back in Empress's pre-history when he was the sculpting talent and part owner of an exciting new miniatures company called Bolt Action. His work during this time played a significant part in establishing what has become one of the dominant scales for World War Two gaming. Indeed many of Paul's World War Two figures are considered definitive to this day.

28mm World War Two has always been on the list for Empress (indeed our Italians represent our first steps in this direction) and we felt there were some serious gaps in what is currently available. Beyond this we were sure we aren't alone in wanting to see Paul back to one of his first loves and producing beautiful second world war sculpts again! We've been quietly waiting until we all felt it was the right time to take this step ... 

So where do we start?  Our ranges start with Late War World War Two American GIs. There are in the M43 uniform so suitable from autumn 1944 onward. Holland, Belgium, Ardennes, Hurtgenwald, Germany and all points between. This initial release is just the spearhead and we have more due imminently, including .30cal teams, bazooka teams, more infantry etc. 





These will also work perfectly for Korea and, at a push, French Indo-China too. You can expect to see more releases very soon, along with painted examples etc. We will be approaching these in typical Empress style with a lot of depth and options allowing you to field really attractive and comprehensive armies on the table. We might also have a few surprises up our sleeves too.

These are size-compatible with all current World War Two ranges, particularly those already sculpted by Paul!

We will be producing everything you need for the most popular World War Two rules (Chain of Command, Bolt Action etc.). We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions on this range so please get in touch and let us know what you think.

These initial packs are available in our new 28mm WW2 store here 





World Of War Buildings (Guy Buildings)


New Range of 28mm and 20mm buildings added

We are very pleased to have the first releases from this ambitious new range in our Word of War Buildings store. There are some amazing things to come from this outfit, but we start with some really useful and well priced 'staples'. Modern container crates, a French Station building (based on an actual example) and a selection of German MMG and Flak bunkers in both 28mm and 20mm.





You can check out WoW Buildings Facebook page for info on upcoming releases HERE 



New HLBS Kits

More Jazz Age Hardware

We have just added two new Honorable Lead Boiler Suit company kits to our Jazz Age store. Firstly some serious firepower with the MkIX 'Beast' tank (with accessories). The perfect weapon  for a despot to control the Back of Beyond? Perhaps the latest escalation in a particularly British Civil War? Maybe even a twenty-ton vision that signals the beginning of the end of the Victorian age? Who knows? Great fun and more than a little bit bonkers.

What better way to follow that than something solid and practical? In this case we have a rather wonderful model of the common traction engine. Almost essential for getting anything done
during the period.


Both are available in our Jazz Age store now. 


Introducing 1898 Miniatures

Empress Now Stocking A New Range From Spain

We are very pleased to announce that we are now stocking the brilliant 1989 Miniatures range. Currently producing figures for some really interesting conflicts - the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War. The quality of the figures is superb and they are based on the formidable and experienced team of Rafael Gómez and Javier Gómez (the painter 'El Mercenario') supported by a number of respected collaborators.


The full range is available in a new store page now!




Modern and French Indo-China

Ask any general living or dead and they will tell you that heads are very important on the battlefield. Without them an army won't get far! At Empress we've always taken this very seriously which is why we often provide you with options for your figures.

In this spirit we have released three new head-sets for our recent US Rangers (including older 'Mich' helmets useful for the 2000's, paramilitaries and contractors etc.) and two additional sets for FNG's brilliant Vietnamese paratroopers.





The Soldier's Life in the English Civil War

Stuart Peachey

"The latest release from respected English Civil War historian Stuart Peachey is this much awaited book on every detail of a foot soldier's life during the wars. The book contains the latest research on every known regiment's uniforms during the period. Details on what was worn, organisation, equipment, what soldiers did and how battles were fought plus lots, lots more. With over 200 pages including colour photographs of models wearing the uniforms described make this book a must for the serious English Civil War fan. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!" -Paul




Available in our English Civil War and Book Stores

Very limited numbers! 



New for Thursday

Italian guns and Afghan accessories

We have updated our beautiful Italian Canon da 75/27 which now comes with a crew wearing helmets. This is entirely suitable for the later Spanish Civil War, World War Two Greece, North Africa, Sicily and mainland Italy.


This can be found in our extensive Italian Store (there is so much in the range now that the Italians deserve their own section).

 We've also added a set of 'Jazz Age' Afghan heads which are so ridiculously useful for both historical and pulp that we hardly need to sell you on the idea! These are in our Jazz Age store. 



New FNG!

Viet Minh and French-Vietnamese Paratroopers

We are on a roll this month with yet another range update - this time from FNG!
The Viet Minh benefit from improved close-assault capabilities with two packs of assault troops busily assaulting stuff! 

Next up is a much requested addition in the form of French-Vietnamese paratroopers. These formed the troops of the Parachute Battalions and fought alongside the French during the period.



 Finally there are more separate heads. We've become quit addicted to swapping heads around with our own figures from this range. There's a great deal of variety available now that really helps depict the irregular and elite nature of the French paratrooper. Oh, and Kepis are just plain cool!




Tsuba Miniatures Update

German Revolution, Russo Japanese War and ACW Civilians

The excellent Tsuba Miniatures German Revolution range has received a significant update in the form of Spartacist/Red Army for the January Uprising. These fantastic figures have been long overdue and Paul Hicks has done a wonderful job in bringing them to life. These are partnered with an extension to the 'Red' Sailor range with a set of sailors at rest.






This has now officially become quite a range so to celebrate we have collected these, along with the already superb Freikorps Werdenfels into a new German Revolution page where you can find everything together.

Next is a set of Japansese officers with sashimono, adding something exotic to the Russo Japanese War.


Finally a bit of fun with an American Civil War 'Coming Home' vignette based on a famous song (you'll have to check the store to see which one ;-)). These are wonderful figures and would work as civilians for many different locations during the period (Maori War springs to mind for some reason ...). You can find these in the Tsuba 'Misc' section of our store.



New Xan 20mm Figures - Modern and Second World War

Additions and a New Range.

The rather special Xan Miniatures range has added a new period with the introduction of 20mm Modern figures. These exquisite figures are by the sculptor who produces our 28mm Modern Warfare range and he has done an absolutely remarkable job of replicating this detail in the smaller scale. There is a good range of poses from patrolling to combat and variety in the form of SOCOM too.

We have added these to our Modern Combat Store which only feels fitting. 




Xan have also updated their 20mm World War Two ranges with new vehicles and vehicle crews along with the very exciting introduction of Soviet infantry (which makes us very happy here at Empress towers).





The Xan World War Two ranges can now be found in our 20mm World War Two Store (click the banner above or the link to the left). This seemed a more sensible and you will find our other entirely compatible WW2 ranges in here too.


Highlanders and Republicans

Inter-war mortar and Spanish Civil War Republican Infantry

We have two small but perfectly formed slices of Paul Hicks loveliness to present to you today. Our Jazz Age inter-war Highlanders are fortified with a mortar and crew (who seem to have got themselves into another fine mess) while the expansion of our Spanish Civil War Republican infantry continues with some brilliantly animated assaulting infantry.




Rangers Lead The Way!

US Rangers added to our Modern Combat Range

We've had a lot of requests for these and have wanted to do them for a long time and now, finally, we are very pleased to present our new US Rangers. Absolutely packed with authentic detail, these were some of our most complex figures to design.


Our Rangers are available with loads of options - riflemen, AT weapons, UAV controlers etc. as you would expect from their flexible battlefield role.







 You'll find all of these (and more) on their own dedicated page in our Modern Combat Store



Russian GAZ Tigr 

Russian 4x4 All Terrain Infantry Mobility Vehicle

Our modern Russian range gets some lighter mobility in the form of the relatively new GAZ Tigr armoured car. This excellent kit comes with both grenade launcher and MMG options, along with a full set of aerials allowing you to build the command version too.




This is available in our modern vehicle store now. 


Zulu War Horse-holders and something to hide behind!

Stop your horses running away while your skirmishers are busy.

We have just added British Mounted Infantry and Boer horse-holder sets to our Zulu War range. These add some necessary realism to the tabletop and Paul here at Empress has a real thing about horse-holders so a no brainer for us really!



Our oil barrel barricade also offers some nice battlefield clutter to hide behind and is suitable for much of the 20th century onwards. We've also found this useful as an objective piece where is can represent a fuel dump or supplies. 



New Spanish Civil War and English Civil War

New additions to our Republican and Italian forces for Spain, and classic 'back and breast' cavalry for the English Civil War.

We are very pleased to show off two new releases for Spain. We have some dynamic skirmishing Republican infantry, the latest pack in our extension of our Republican forces. To counter these we have an Italian mortar (with a rather relaxed crew if we're honest) which is available in both our Spanish Civil War and Italian Conflicts ranges, being suitable for both SCW and World War Two. 



It's worth remembering that we also stock the wonderful Painting War Spanish Civil War guide featuring the formidable talents of Reuben Torregrossa for ultimate inspiration in assembling and painting your forces.


Our new English Civil War that cavalry are kitted out in helmets and buff coats. In true Empress style we offer a lot of variety for your tabletop. Six full new packs, available in pairs or as a Value Deal.





New English Civil War 

Two new ECW packs have been added to the store this morning, allowing you to add some variety to your cavalry.

Cavalry in burgonet helmets and monterro hats.



We've also added a set of separate heads in Wolesley helmets to our Jazz Age store  - frightfully useful don'tcha know?




Massive Vehicle Update!

HLBS Modern and Inter-war vehicles added

We have just taken delivery of a huge number of Honorable Lead Boiler Suit Company (HLBS from hereon) resin and metal vehicles. We've been great fans of these for years, and many of you may recognise the inter-war vehicles as previously being available form Copplestone Castings. They cover the period from World War 1 through the Russian Revolution, German Revolution/Weimar Republic, Rif Wars, Abyssinia, Spanish Civil War and many other risings and rebellions between the wars. Historically accurate and Pulp-perfect! You'll find these in our Jazz Age and Spanish Civil War stores (the Schneider Tank is amazing - pictures of that to follow).

These are 1/55th Scale resin and metal kits (mainly resin) and come highly recommended!







Our Modern Vehicles store also sees the additional of more HLBS 1/48 Russian and French armour.




Modern USMC Updates and HLBS vehicles

Support Weapons, Heads Options, Vehicles and a Boat!

Having just upgraded our Russian selection, it only seems fair that we do the same for the United States Marines! We have added a new pack of infantry armed with support weapons in our usual 'soft hat' or 'helmet' options.


On the subject of heads we have added some excellent new head options, including goggles, NVG gear, soft hats and the now obligatory gas-masks! All are available in our United States Marines store section now.



We have long been fans of Richard Kemp's HLBS (Honorable Lead Boiler Suit) vehicles and are very pleased to make these available through our store. We are phasing in some useful modern vehicles (BMP1 and 2, "Shilka", British Viking and Warthog etc.) and these are available in our modern vehicle store.



Just as exciting is the addition of the HLBS Steam Tug BoatWe fell in love with this quirky little nonsense when it was first released and have somehow managed to incorporate it into far too many of our games. This thing just oozes Pulp Innsmouth cool and we've added it to our Jazz Age store!



Modern Russian Additions

Spetsnaz and Head Options

We have added several new packs to our modern Russian range this morning, including a Spetsnaz / \ recce patrol and some head options. We are particularly taken by the menacing look of the Russian gas-mask heads which are perfect for building take-downs, anti-riot, large battlefield and zombie apocalypse scenarios!





New Modern Building Sets

A Major Terrain Release From Empress!

We are very pleased to present the release of our new modern building and terrain accessory sets. These represent typical 20 and 21st Century buildings that can be found in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere. Designed to complement our modern ranges, these would be equally suitable for World War Two or other periods.




Based on a flexible floor-stacking system these kits allow you to create variation across a variety of buildings.


The buildings are also supported by some really useful street-furniture and dressing kits including signs, oil drums, air conditioning units and satellite dishes. All superbly detailed and designed to add a typical sense of clutter and interest to your tabletop.



You can find these all in our Builders Yard store area now!


Modern US Vehicle Crews

Crews for M-ATV, HUMVEE and similar vehicles

After many requests we have added a set of multi-part crew figures suitable for our US and USMC vehicles. There are enough components to cover both branches of the US armed forces, with seperate arms and head/hat variations (helmets and soft hats etc.)






These figures are designed to fit Empress HUMVEE and M-ATV vehicles. While easy to assemble, depending on what figure you use in which vehicle you MAY need to make some simple alterations for best fit.


Chinese ZTZ99 MBT

The Chinese 'Type 99' has just been added to our modern vehicle store.

We have expanded our PLA range today with the additiona of China's latest MBT. Featuring a 125mm gun and a host of modern technologies the Type 99 provides the PLAGF (People's Liberation Army Ground Force) with very capable tank support. Coming into service from 2001 the Type99 has started to phase-out earlier MBTs such as the Type98.


Chinese ZTZ99 MBT

The Chinese 'Type 99' has just been added to our modern vehicle store.

We have expanded our PLA range today with the additiona of China's latest MBT. Featuring a 125mm gun and a host of modern technologies the Type 99 provides the PLAGF (People's Liberation Army Ground Force) with very capable tank support. Coming into service from 2001 the Type99 has started to phase-out earlier MBTs such as the Type98.


Our resin and metal model is packed with detail and easy to build. 









High-tech additions to our British Special Forces

Going back to where our Modern Combat range started we have just added two new packs to our SAS range. These are kitted out in full 'hi-speed' gear and between them bring some serious covert capabilities to the gaming table!

The product of much research, these figures are absolutely packed with detail as you would expect from us (and why we've shown front and back pictures below).











New Tsuba Russo-Japanese War

The Russians get artillery and food while the Japanese get some proper leadership!

It would be a very difficult thing to pick favourites from our ranges when our policy is to only sell things that we want ourselves, but it's probably true to say that the Tsuba Russo-Japanese range sits high in our affections. Marvelous figures by Mr Hicks, a wonderfully atmospheric period and a great overall vision for the range. So with this in mind we are very happy to announce new packs have just been added by Tsuba and the Empress store pages.











The Russians now have some serious firepower in the form of two Putilov gun sets which are followed by a brilliant little foraging vignette (definitely a reality of war at the time). The Japanese benefit from some serious rank as they now have a new high-command set.


Great figures which we highly recommend taking a look at. All now available in our Tsuba store.

More Iron Duke Mutineers - Just In Time For Salute!

The Duke continues to provide exactly what war-gamers demand - variety and plenty of it.

More spectacular figures have been added to Iron Duke's Indian Mutiny range today, providing yet more variety and depth. We have added new Sepoy Command and Ensign sets, along with two gun-team variations.

All available now and available at Salute! 2016.








More Mutton Chop World War One!

Paul Hicks has added more BEF and German packs to this beautiful range and they are in the Mutton Chop store right now!


The latest releases for our favourite World War One range include machine gun support for both the British and Germans, along with the first of Paul's absolutely superb British Cavalry. All highly evocative of the period and essential additions to any World War One collection.





Spanish Civil War Republican Additions

New Republican packs added to the store just in time for Salute!

Our superlative Spanish Civil War range has just grown with the addition of two new packs for the Republican Army. These include a command set featuring officers, standard bearer and stretcher beearer alongside a new set of support weapons, one of which is a deadly flamethrower!

These have been added to the Republican section of our Spanish Civil War store today and are also available for a last-minute Salute pre-order (definitely recommended at this point).





New Iron Duke Mutineers

As per the Duke's plans, we have three new packs of mutineers added to the store today.

These represent members of the BNI in both covered forage caps and skull caps, and add even more variety to Iron Duke's already comprehensive listing for the mutineers. All will be available at Salute!, although we highly recommend pre-ordering to guarantee availability on the day!






English Civil War Light Gun and Extras

Our English Civil War range expands today with the addition of a fantastic full Light Gun set and some other useful packs.

Our rather special new light gun set comes with full crew, limber and accessories. We are particularly proud of this addition to the range and as ever the set has been meticulously researched.


We have also added some 'wagoneers' to the range, a detail that is often missing from the tabletop but a common sight during the period. Fantastic for adding detail and colour to your armies.



New World War Two Italian Deals

We have just added two new 'unit pack' deals to our Italian Conflicts range. 

These figures mostly wear the M33 helmet and so are suitable for World War Two (all theatres) and the late inter-war period. Both packs offer a great value way to add to your Italian forces.







New English Civil War Dragoons

The latest packs have been added to our extensive English Civil War range - this time mounted Dragoons and a rather wonderful Dragoon Horse Holder! these are all available in our store now!












Driving About and Blowing things Up!

More modern sets have been added this morning. These latest releases include a really handy set of British crew for recce vehicles. These are designed to fit most kits on the market (the Airfix vehicles for example) and have poseable arms and heads to allow flexibility and can be swapped around in vehicles for variety too.



Secondly we have two Mk19 grenade launcher sets, one for the British and another for USMC forces.




All available in the Modern Combat store now!



New Iron Duke Mutineers

We have just added no less than eight new packs of Bengal Native Infantry mutineers to the Iron Duke Indian Mutiny store! Stunning sculpts by the ever-talented Mr Hicks we at Empress really don't think it gets much better than this! All of these are ready to add to your collection now, but in the meantime we'll just let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!












US Navy Seal Special Forces

Two new United States Marine packs have just been added to our Modern Combat web store. These add more Navy Seals to our special forces sets an, as you would expect, come absolutely packed with detail. The first set represents Navy Seals engaged on Operation Redwing in 2005. These come fully loaded with survival equipment and present some great options for scenarios in your games.





The second set represents a Navy Seal Sniper in Iraq 2005 both moving and deployed. Conceivably you could describe him as an American Sniper? Again, superbly detailed - this is one of our most ambitious figures yet and we are very pleased with how well this has come out.






 Both of these packs are available in the United States Marines section of our Modern Combat store.



New English Civil War Cavalry

We've just added the latest codes to our English Civil War range in the shape of no less than six new cavalry packs. These are variations of cavalry in armour and felt hats on standing horses. As you would expect from Empress there are lots of variations to help you produce the most authentic looking units possible.








Iron Duke Indian Mutiny Releases

Iron Duke have just released four new packs of Mutineer infantry and these are available in our Iron Duke store now. Rendered with fantastic character as you'd expect, each pack represents the next step in the Duke's plan to provide collectors and wargamers with absolutely the most comprehensive, considered and accurate Indian Mutiny range available.






You can find these new packs, alongside new flag sheets, in the store now!



New Italians (and a reshuffle)

We have just added a number of new packs to our Italian range. These new packs represent the Italian Army in the iconic M33 helmet, and this makes them suitable for the later inter-war period (Spanish Civil War etc.) and throughout World War Two. These uniforms could be seen in Italy, Sicily, Greece, Africa and even Russia.





To mark these exciting additions we've reshuffled our 'Italians in Abyssinia' range and broadened the scope. This now represents the 'Italian Conflicts' and will cover the entire inter-war period as well as an increasing World War Two range. We now cover both tropical and 'European' uniforms in this range, not to mention the CTV in our Spanish Civil War collection.


We will soon be moving our extensive range of suitable Italian vehicles into this section too, but for now you'll still find these in our Spanish Civil War store. 






New Addition To Our Rolls Royce Family

We are proud to present the next version of our superlative Rolls Royce armoured car kit. This new version has the common disc wheels and very possibly represents the most common inter-war variant. As with our first release it features a serious number of options including removable Vickers machine gun (with tripod and water-canister), removable/movable bonnet covers and engine compartment sides as well as a removable turret roof (for hot weather operations), a detailed engine and separate stowage panniers. In all ways this is a 'state of the art' metal and resin kit!



New 'disc wheel' Rolls Royce


Don't forget our fantastic crew figures also available. Both version of the Rolls, along with the crew, can be found in our Jazz-Age store. 



Earlier 'spoked wheels' showing open bonnet and other details. 




Rolls Royce Crew (mounted and dismounted) - Pack Jazz 9 



Painting War - Spanish Civil War Edition

We are very pleased to add Painting WAR #5 to our store. Showcasing the incredible painting and techniques of by Rubén Torregrosa "HeresyBrush", this volume is beyond inspirational! Full of Empress Miniatures figures and representing uniforms and forces from both sides of the conflict we reckon this is essential for anyone with an interest in the period.


Containing 39 different painted miniatures, Reuben takes you step-by-step through the painting process with something to learn for both beginner and expert painters. You will find this book in both our 'Books and Rules' and 'Spanish Civil War Universal' pages.




Free Danger Close Falklands War Army Lists


We have just uploaded a free .pdf of army lists for Danger Close. You can find this (and other resources) in our Modern Combat store area. Keep a look out for further lists being added very soon!




New Vehicles - Something Old, Something New


As we get ready for the run-up to Christmas we have added two new vehicles to the store, perhaps demonstrating just how diverse the Empress ranges can be?


First we have a venerable old Hispano Suiza truck from the 1930s. Designed for our superlative Spanish Civil War range, this workhorse was a common sight in Europe not to mention ready for all manner of Pulp adventure!





Secondly we have something far newer and a little more deadly. The Chinese PLA amphibious ZBD05 IFV. Designed to support amphibious landings, this monster delivers your PLA forces right to the heart of the action and makes an interesting comparison to our US Marine AAVP-7A1.





Both kits are available in the store now! 



New Iron Duke Indian Mutiny Releases

Hurrah! We are very pleased to present the latest releases in the exceptional Iron Duke Indian Mutiny range. Not only does Maude's Battery get another gun crew (this time firing a gun) but we have the first of the mutineers, looking absolutely splendid with plenty of character and detail.

These are all available in our Iron Duke store pages. Don't gorget to visit the Duke's own website for lots of information and inspiration -






New Zulu War, English Civil War and Jazz-Age!


New releases ahoy! We've added more Naval Brigade to our Zulu War 1979 British, along with some skirmishing Dragoons for the English Civil War. Finally some beautifully detailed Afghan Militia to help keep peace along the frontier. All available in our shop now!


Naval Brigade







Afghan Militia






Danger Close Digital

We have just added a two new Downloads sections for our Danger Close rules. In here you will find the most up-to-date version of the Danger Close rules available as a digital download at a bargain price, along with a handy free roster sheet download.

We will be adding new materials for Danger Close regularly so it's worth checking this page for new updates, OOBs and scenarios etc. 


How To Build The Empress Rolls Royce


We are justifiably (in our opinion) proud of our rather beautiful 28mm Rolls Royce kit armoured car kit. Including an engine and removable Vickers MG, turret and body panels it is perhaps the definitive version in this scale. As a result, however, it is a little more complex that other renditions.

With this in mind our very own Paul has put together a really useful step-by-step 'how to' guide. As he points out, it's really not too difficult once you know where everything goes and well worth the extra effort.

Building The Empress Rolls Royce






More Police (including mounted), more Zombies (including mounted !?!?!?), new Agents plus we get our first glimpse of the sinister Project Genesis operatives themselves.

Things are getting weirder in H13! 







Danger Close Modern Infantry Combat Rules


Tired of over complicated rules that take a degree in maths, physics and psychology to understand?

Tired of trying to find that particular mechanism that you know is there somewhere but cannot find the page?

Tired of setting up an evening's game and having to pack up three hours later half way through move 4?

The Empress team are! We just wanted to get our toys out and play with terrain that we've spent years working on. We wanted a game that felt right but was accessible and smooth.

While searching we found "Some Corner of a Foreign Field" written by Matt Moran. This one sheet (two sides of A4) rule set is aimed at 4 to 15 figures per side. It's easy to pick up and does everything that we wanted without any problems. We liked the rules so much we obtained the rights to them and have now re-released them under the name "Danger Close"


In summary, each figure is allotted Skills & Drills to classify the figures abilities. There are 5 levels of Skills & Drills and, when linked to a choice of weapon, you can considerably change the abilities of the figures under your command.

Combat creates levels of stress through a game. This stress affects morale to different degrees depending on the type of force you are playing with. As the figures come under increased threat they become more stressed and their abilities suffer.


Danger Close also covers Spotting, shooting, hand to hand, morale, and support weapons.

Originally designed for games set on a 4' x 4' table we have played on much larger , occasionally adding light artillery for extra realism.

The rules use D20 (20 sided dice) and come as a two-sided laminated sheet. 

You can find the rules in their own section in our Modern Combat store. 




Empress Miniatures are proud to present a new range of Apocalypse figures from the imagination of Richard Deasey 

"Project Genesis is a multinational Ultra-Black Operation created in the late Eighties to deal with a number of perceived emergent threats. The organisation comprises of a Military arm, a scientific arm and an investigative branch which has over-riding federal powers.


Funding is without Governmental oversight and is apparently limitless.

Facilities exist in and near many major cities throughout America, Europe, Australia and Asia. These have been concealed often in plain view as warehouses, factories or military bases. One in London is disguised as an underground railway station.

To my knowledge there are at least 700, 000 personnel working in these facilities. They cherry-pick the best of the best in all disciplines and have all sorts of advanced programmes to push them to ever greater levels of accomplishment. The Military arm is downright scary. These guys are the best the combined Militaries of the world can offer. They undergo voluntary "capability enhancement" which is psychological, chemical and physical. Not just fitness training but medical procedures. Their allegiance is entirely to Project Genesis renouncing all prior national allegiance.


The scientific branch conducts hair-raising experiments and there are rumours of dinosaur DNA and alien technology.

Do you remember the "Genesis"? Yeah, the mission to Mars. NASA couldn't fund it so they allowed Project Genesis to piggy-back their own Lander onto the Mother-Ship for cash. The public got to see the NASA Mars landing and all the astronauts doing their thing. They never got to see the Project Genesis team. Their mission was to investigate suspicious telemetry which appeared to indicate an object under sentient control which landed on Mars back in 1988. Remember, this is one of the perceived threats Project Genesis was created to deal with. It took them 27 years but they got there. Things have gone horribly wrong on that mission. There were some terrifying transmissions last month, then all contact ceased until we heard the NASA mission was compromised too. The NASA team made some horrifying reports which were suppressed before the public heard them and then they went quiet too. They have just initiated their return protocols. I fear what they are bringing back. I only heard a little of the transmissions from Mars but if they bring back what caused those broadcasts God help us all.


This is why I have contacted you. The ship must not be allowed to land. It must be destroyed. For all our sakes we cannot allow the "Genesis" home."

Whistle-blower "Archie Soare" in an interview with Hal Caplin of the Washington Post two days before both of them died in an automobile crash.

"Should I issue warrants for the Easter Bunny and the Boogey-Man too?"

Jeb Johnson, Head of Homeland Security to Eugene Mollo of the Washington Post.




FNG Miniatures!

Red Star Name Change

The brilliant Dien Bien Phu range, formerly of Red Star Miniatures, is now under new ownership and with this comes a new name - FNG Miniatures.


To celebrate there are two new additions to the range in the shape of a pair of assaulting Viet Minh packs. Masterfully sculpted as usual by Paul Hicks, these are available in the store now. 




Zulu War Naval Brigade 

The Navy arrive in Africa

We have just added three new packs that bring the long-awaited Naval Brigade comes to our Anglo Zulu War range. Brilliantly characterful sculpts from the esteemed Mr Hicks as always, these cover command, firing line and advancing ratings (HMS Boudicea).

These can be found in the '1879 British' section of our store (Anglo Zulu War) right now! 





A Rumble of Thunder! New Mountain Gun for the Jazz Age. 

Latest addition to our inter-war collection.

This highly detailed and fully crewed mountain gun makes a brilliant new addition to our ever-growing Jazz Age Imperialism inter-war range. Provide a bit of much needed ranged support to your troops, or alternatively lead your tribesmen in an assault to remove this dangerous pest! Available in our store now.





Huge Iron Duke Indian Mutiny Release.

Wave 2 arrives!

We have a fantastic selection of Iron Duke Indian Mutiny releases going live in the store today. Officers, artillery, wagons and flags can all now be found in this brilliant range. Take a look and see what's new!








More Civil War, Jazz Age and Weirdness!

English Civil War and Westfalia Miniatures Updates

We have added some great new figures to our store this morning. Firstly, more marching figures (musketeers) have been added to our huge English Civil War range. These provide a lot of additional variety to poses in units (and we like that a lot).


Next up are some additions to the wonderfully weird Westfalia Miniatures Steampunk range. A Crab Minder to handle those pesky crabs, and a wonderfully expressive Mechanic character. 



Lastly Westfalia Miniatures have produced some really excellent Afghans, suitable for skirmishes across the North West Frontier and beyond, including a rather splendid camel-train. We've currently added these to our Jazz Age store (it seemed like the best fit) for now.



Our busy summer continues with more releases due imminently! 



New English Civil War

Oxford Army and Generic Packs

The summer campaigning season is kicking off at Empress with ten new English Civil War relaeases covering Oxford Army Pike and Muskets, as well as more useful unit-building packs.








 These are available in our English Civil War Store now!


Viet-Minh Flags

French Indo China

We've just added a set of rather spiffy flags for your communist forces. These can be found in the Red Star French-Indo China shop area and are exclusive to Empress!




New Tsuba Miniatures Japanese Cavalry

Russo-Japanese War

We have just added the exquisite new mounted and dismounted figures to the store, along with a much needed crewed heavy machine gun.






Tons of New Releases Just in Time for Salute!

Iron Duke Indian Mutiny

English Civil War

Jazz Age

20mm World War Two 

... and we are still taking last minute pre-orders for Salute! (which we highly recommend at this point).

We have a pretty huge number of additions to the exquisite Iron Duke Indian Mutiny range (12 new codes)  where we are really starting to get into some great depth with specific units and details. You'll find Sikhs, The Madras Fusiliers (Neill's Bluecaps) and HM 78th Highlanders amongst these new releases.






There are more pike additions to our extensive English Civil War range, following on from our previous Oxford Army releases.




Our rather wonderful (and superbly detailed) Rolls Royce armoured car gets a stunning set of crew, both 'mounted' and 'dismounted'. These new figures are incredibly evocative of desperate skirmishes in far-away places!



Next, our brand new World War Two 20mm range gets it's first figure releases with a crew for the British 6pdr AT gun (available with and without the gun). These little masterpieces are sculpted by Paul Hicks and, as far as we can tell, the only difference between these and his 28mm figures is the size. That might sound like an obvious thing to say, but it is quite remarkable how brilliantly the larger figures have translated to this smaller scale!



So lots of new things keeping us busy in the run-up to Salute. Please drop by on the day and see our ranges 'in the metal'.



New Modern Deals  

All available from our stand at Salute - please email for pre-orders!

We have added some great value new deals to our 'Modern Deals' page. These give you a saving on both the cost of models and postage on a range of really useful sets. You will find collections of relevant miniatures, as well as some superb pairings of figures and vehicles in this section.

Remember that these can all be ordered for collection at shows too! 






New Mutton Chop and Red Star Dien Bien Phu Releases 

All available from our stand at Salute - please email for pre-orders!

Some absolutely brilliant new releases from tow of our favourite ranges, and not at all coincidentally by the too-talented hands of Paul Hicks! Paul's own Mutton Chop Miniatures presents heavy machine gun teams and command sets for the BEF and the Germans, while Red Star have just delivered some stunning (and great value) 75mm recoilless guns for both the French and Vietnamese.








The Iron Duke Arrives At Empress Miniatures!


We are very excited to announce a new range has found a home at Empress Miniatures. 

These will be available from our stand at Salute 2015! 

The brain-child of renowned historian Colonel Mike Snook (who should be known to some of you), this premier range starts with one of our favourite periods, the Indian Mutiny, and promises to approach the subject in depth and detail.




Over to Mike for Iron Duke's first bulletin: 

Greetings all. A brand new caper but one which I hope the wargaming community will consider well worthwhile and enjoy to the full. My first duty is to express gratitude to all those illuminati of the wargaming world, good friends all, who have helped with their advice and encouragement in getting IDM off the ground. I thought it appropriate in the bicentenary year of Waterloo to name the new company after the great man, so Iron Duke it had to be. The company's genre will be 28mm Historical, with a twin-track emphasis on top quality sculpting and historical authenticity. As I have absolutely no expertise in the first of these fields, you won't be sorry to learn that I've had no choice but to rely on a number of quite exceptional sculptors. And a fine job they are doing of it believe me. The second field I can probably take a stab at myself.

Retail of IDM products has been placed in the hands of the good people at Empress Miniatures, the firm with which customers will be trading directly, where they can be sure to receive the efficient service they both expect and deserve. IDM figures will be retailed in a mirror image of the tried and tested Empress model, with codes consisting of four infantrymen or two cavalrymen complete with trusty steeds. Pricing policy will also mirror that of Empress. We get the ball rolling with an extensive range for the Indian Mutiny of 1857-8. This dramatic and historically fascinating conflict will be addressed by IDM in three major phases:

· Phase 1. Brig. Gen. Henry Havelock's operations (Allahabad Moveable Column).

· Phase 2. Siege of Delhi.

· Phase 3. Sir Colin Campbell's operations for the 2nd Relief of Lucknow.

It follows that not every unit which fought in the Mutiny will be replicated, but between the three major campaigns listed above the scope of the range will be very extensive and certain to embrace all significant troop types. There will be plenty of time to talk about Phases 2 and 3 as we go, so for the present this first bulletin addresses only the opening shots of Phase 1.

The first items we will release will be 16 codes covering the five small battalions with which Brigadier General Henry Havelock set out to relieve Cawnpore and Lucknow, namely HM 64th, HM 84th, HM 78th Highlanders, 1st Madras Fusiliers ('Neill's Bluecaps') and the Ferezopore Regiment (Brasyer's Sikhs). We hope to have all 16 codes on the Empress stand at this year's Salute: I'll also be somewhere nearby and will be happy to field any queries on the new toys and the nature of combat in the Mutiny. One of the important historical factors we have gone to some lengths to address is the distribution of weaponry in Havelock's force. Only the Madras Fusiliers were fully equipped with the P1853 '3-band' Enfield rifle. In the Queen's battalions, there were only enough Enfields to equip the flank companies, so the centre companies continued to carry the P1842 percussion musket. There were no Enfields in Brasyer's regiment. The figures are equipped with the right type of pouches for the weapon with which they are armed.

The numerous actions fought by these five regiments were always in the offensive mode, so we have reflected this in the animation of our codes, with the front rank of centre companies attacking with bayonets at the charge and the second rank with arms at the slope. It would be entirely legitimate to have whole units at the slope, a mixtures of both poses, or whole units at the charge; three options which reflect the drills adopted by the infantry as the distance to the objective progressively reduced. In addition there are skirmisher codes to screen your battalions or secure your flanks. Command codes come with a company grade officer, an ensign, a sergeant and a drummer/bugler (or piper in the case of HM 78th). One ensign: what about the other colour? Fear not, following on very shortly will be a pack of four ensigns clad in shell jackets, each of them able to legitimately find a place in any Queen's or HEIC European battalion.

Havelock's force was rushed into the field, with no time for the Queen's battalions to make preparations for hot-weather campaigning, so the three units in question were obliged simply to strip down to their shirtsleeves and improvise ways of protecting their heads from the sun. There was no appreciable difference in dress between HM 64th and HM 84th, so codes IMBC 1-4 inclusive address both these battalions and moreover are also adaptable to many other purposes: for example they will serve perfectly well as HM 32nd (no Enfields) - the battalion which defended Lucknow. There will be later codes addressing the 32nd fighting in defensive mode, but these will do nicely for the action at Chinhat and the many raids carried out by the regiment against Sepoy batteries and strongpoints in the city.

It is worth noting that there were changes in the dress and equipment of Havelock's force as the campaign to get to Lucknow ground on. In essence the troops were equipped with smock-frocks and flannel shirts, (like those worn from the outset by the Madras Fusiliers); were re-armed with Enfields; were issued with personal waterbottles; and, certainly in the case of the 78th, were issued with a cane sun-helmet. All these changes will be reflected in subsequent editions of the Madras Fusilier codes, so there is no need to set about converting from the outset.

In due course there will be bhisti water carriers, Gunga Din types, complete with a bullock to carry the water skins, to support the Indian troops who did not carry water for reasons of caste, and the thirsty Queen's troops who quickly came to appreciate the need for personal water bottles in a hot weather campaign, (mutinies can be so inconveniently timed), but who could not at first get their hands on them - little wonder heatstroke was so prevalent. Later releases will also include mounted field officers to lead your battalions and casualty figures to serve as gaming markers and, I dare say, a reminder of the unpleasant realities of war, so keep your powder dry for those.

I can state with confidence what releases our customers can expect to see in very short order post-Salute. Thus far we have three HEIC field guns, together with the appropriate limber, ready to go: a 6-pounder, a 9-pounder and a 24-pdr howitzer. The heavy and siege guns are also well on the way, an 18-pdr, a 24-pdr and a 'Tiger' gun for the nawabs and maharajahs. The first type of draught animal for the field limber will be bullocks, with horses to follow in due course. The first gunners to appear will portray the gallant Captain Francis Maude's battery (he won the VC at Lucknow). You will of course be needing some logistics to get your column on the road and we have two excellent bullock carts, complete with Indian drivers, just about ready to go. As soon as we have these items out, we will turn our attention to mutinous sepoys, the dollies and weaponry for which are already done. What of the cavalry? Well we have some superbly animated horses ready, which are presently being fitted with their saddlery. The first cavalry codes will be the volunteer horse and Oudh Irregular Cavalry for Havelock's force, (the latter will also be suitable as mutineers), with Bengal Light Cavalry for the Nana Sahib's forces and the first few mounted personalities.

There will shortly be a website at which will deal in bulletins, historical notes, painting guides and such like. It will feature a front page link to the Empress Miniatures webstore where customers will be able to view Iron Duke products and ruin themselves financially by buying them in unbelievably large quantities. May your Enfields arrive soon and your sepoys remain true to their salt. In the meantime what about a spot of tiffin?

With all best wishes,



New Oxford Army and Insurgents

New English Civil War and Modern figures added to the store.

More new additions to our spring line-up in the form of the Oxford Army advancing pike for our English Civil Wars range. These figures have been carefully researched to reflect specific details known about the Oxford Army and what made their uniforms distinctive.



On a completely different note, we have also given our Modern Insurgents a serious fire-power boost with the addition of a ZSU-23 and crew. This fearsome Russian beast can stand alone or will fit in the back of our 'technical' pickup trucks.


Keep an eye out for more releases being added to the shop over the next few weeks! 




We are just in the process of re releasing the ex-AB figures military bridges and equipment. These range from the famous bridging system, the Bailey, in a number of variants to Kapoc infantry assault bridges. Included in this release are various boats from engineer motor launches to assault and engineer bridges. 


This is the first release. Coming soon will be another set of releases of equipment such as ferry's, various, for the use of' to smaller assault bridges. Many never released by AB figures.





These models are incredibly detailed and would not only make your table look fantastic but would be perfect for diorama modelling and model railways. The Bailey is still used by many military units (such as the USA) and we have found a number pictures of Baileys employed in Afghanistan!

 Look in our 20mm World War Two shop for these unique kits!


Three new English Civil War Packs added to the store.

As spring starts to do it's thing, we celebrate today by adding the first of many new releases to the website. First up are these rather spiffy ECW packs, all adding useful command and personality figures to your forces.





These are available in the store right now!

Russian Heads

Customisation options added to store.

To add even more variety to our brand new Modern Russian series, we have just put some separate head sets up. These add some common types seen over the last year or so and some great variety to your Russian forces.



More Useful Bits!

Two new modern head-sets (both highly requested by our customers) have arrived in the shape of a new British helmeted set with camouflage and a set of Taliban/Rebel heads. 


We've also added a rather splendid resin long-boat to our range of vehicles which is, for the time being at least, in the Spanish Civil War 'Tanks and Vehicles' section (until we think of a better place to put it perhaps). All of these nice things are available now! 





The Russians Have Arrived

We are extremely pleased to show off our new modern Russian range just in time for Christmas!

Featuring our trademark intense detail and high level of research, these new figures fill an important gap in our modern ranges and come absolutely packed with current Russian equipment. Five brand new packs are available in our Modern Combat store right now!




'Jazz Age' Highland Lewis Gun Teams

Continuing this month's run of providing heavy weapons for the forces of the Crown, we are delighted to introduce a pair of lewis gun teams for our North West Frontier inter-war range.

After an initially rocky start during the Third Afghan War (where the British Army had to review it's LMG doctrine) the Lewis gun became a stalwart of the inter-war years and beyond into World War Two. These brilliantly characterful sets reproduce the equipment of these teams accurately with highly detailed guns and kit.


This new pack is available in our 'Jazz Age Imperialism' store right now!  

New Modern British .50Cal

Some heavy fire-support comes online for our Modern British range!

This new pack represents the British version of the ubiquitous .50cal on it's tripod with two crew members. Available in our store right now

 New Modern British and USMC

Even more new releases in the shape of some new British and USMC support packs and accessories.

We have added a new L16A2 mortar team to our Modern British range, along with a really useful set of support figures which includes a female medic, a bomb-sniffer dog (with his handler), a Valon mine detector operator and an M6 mortar operator.






We also have some really useful new head-sets to go with the British range, including helmets with additional camouflage, Paras in berets and Fusiliers in berets with hackles. 

The USMC get a support-upgrade with the addition of a tripod mounted .50cal Machine Gun. This set includes crew with both 'boonie' hats or helmets.


All of these are, as always, available in our store now! 

New Releases

Beat the autumnal blues with new Mutton Chop and Modern releases!

It's that wonderful time of year again, and by that we mean Paul Hicks has updated his amazing World War One Mutton Chop Range! Four new packs have been released with two British BEF and two new German sets. Detail and character on these is up to Paul's usual stellar standard and we are pretty sure that a lot of you will be very happy to see more releases in this range. There are plenty more mouthwatering goodies to come from Mutton Chop in this range too ...





We have also added some seriously heavy support to our Modern Combat Insurgents range. Two huge recoilless rifles which can be used either 'stand-alone' or in conjunction with our 'Technicals' and other vehicles. These figures come with separate heads for variety.



We have also added an Insurgent .50cal on pedestal mount, ideal for use in the back of our 'Technical' pick-up trucks. 


All of these new releases are available in our Modern and Mutton Chop store areas now! 

New 28mm Rolls Royce Armoured Car

A 'Concord' moment for us - our most detailed kit ever.

There are few military vehicles more famous or iconic than the Rolls Royce armoured car. This has always been a firm favourite here at Empress and we always intended to produce a kit of it at some point. What started out as a 'standard' vehicle project became something far more involved as we researched this vehicle further and explored the many options that we could incorporate into the model.

The result is our most detailed and comprehensive kit yet!


Our first Rolls Royce kit represents an early vehicle with the second pattern turret (higher sides), ideal for operations from late World War One and on into the inter-war period. This kit is extremely comprehensive and includes posable bonnet covers (complete with detailed engine), removable turret roof for operations in hot climates, a fully detailed and removable Vickers machine gun complete with tripod and water bottle, some box-stowage options and even the option to leave off the entire engine compartment for hot work in the back of beyond!

 Comprising around 50 parts (a 'quick build version will follow later) this kit will appeal to both war gamers of a certain persuasion and model makers. The kit is 1/50th scale, which we feel works best with our miniatures and resolves the issue of crew-hatches etc. feeling too small for the figures themselves (especially based figures).

Other details of note include the fully open wire wheels (we believe this is a first in a war-games scale model of the vehicle) and beautifully presented rivet and panel detailing throughout. We don't boast too often, but we firmly believe that this is the best Rolls Royce available in a war-games scale.

 This kit is available in our 'Jazz-Age Imperialism store now at a Special Introductory Offer Price! Crews to follow.

20mm World War Two Artillery

Our World War Two range receieves it's re-boot with the first of the artillery pieces added to our store today.

We have started with some of the most common artillery pieces for the British, German and American armies. Each kit is exquisitely detailed and where neccesary the guns often come with limbers and other detailes. These will be followed very soon with more releases of artillery, vehicles, equipment and figures.

This is the start of a range of 20mm (1/72 and 1/76 compatible) figures and vehicles which will initially focus on the latter part of the war and will include well researched infantry, vehicle crews and everything else that's needed to cover the period in detail.








North West Frontier Carden Loyd Carriers

We have just added three new variants of our Carden Loyd carriers to the Jazz Age Imperialism store!

These brilliant little runabouts were trailed on the North West Frontier in the 1930s and make a really fun addition to your armies in remote places. They come complete with british crews in tropical helmets and the range includes the standard carrier, the MMG carrier and the mortar variant.



A predecessor to the later world war two british Universal and Scout carriers, the Carden Loyd was a common sight in the 1930's british army. Don't forget that we also stock the standard British Army version (available in out Mutton Chop shop).




New Modern Insurgent Packs

Our insurgent range has just been given additional fire-power in the form of two brand new packs which were added to our store today.

These new packs include some great characters, making this one of the most varied forces in our Modern Range. Perfectly detailed, these packs are avalable now.



 Don't forget that we also produce and extensive range of modern vehicles designed to compliment our figures. 



New Spanish Civil War Flags

We have just added nine brand new sets of flags to our Spanish Civil War range.

These high-quality colours cover a useful core of both Republican and Nationalist arms, and provide a great level of 'dash' to your tabletop forces!





M-ATV Paint-up

We just had to share these pictures. A stunning example of our OshKosh M-ATV assembles and painted by Tim Rich.

We are sure you'll agree Tim has done a fantastic job on this beauty, with a perfect choice of colours and really effective weathering. One for the inspiration folder? 

You can see more of Tim's work at


New Mutton Chop World War One Command!

We are certain that many of you have been eagerly waiting for these!

The Early War British and German command packs are now available from Mutton Chop, and absolutely brilliant they are too! Just in time for the anniversary of the start of the conflict, these are, in our opinion, the finest World War One figures available.




New For July:  Vehicles for Spain

We  have two very useful new vehicles for the Spanish Civil War. The German Phenom Granit Ambulance/Truck was a common vehicle in the region. Our comes with a driver figure and a detachable roof so you can add detail inside should you wish.


Second up is another brilliant example of improvised armour so common to the conflict, in the form of a 'Militia Truck'. This mean thing gives your militia forces a fire-power and mobility boost ... for as long as the engine remains reliable!



These new vehicle releases are available in our Spanish Civil War 'Tanks and Vehicles' section now, along with a fantastic array or weird and wonderful period vehicles.

Update: Change of Address 

Please note that we now have a new address, which can be found on the Orders and Contact page. Many customers still use our postal address for placing orders so please note that the old address will no longer be working from the end of June!

Mutton Chop Carden Lloyd Carriers Now In Stock!

After a delay getting these back into production, we are pleased to announce that the full range of Mutton Chop Carden Lloyd Carriers are available again, and at a new price! This classic inter-war runabout is available in our store now.




Radio Dishdash Figures and Rules

Radio Dishdash now have their own section on our site!

Not only do we have a new Skirmish Sangin section on the site, but we will be stocking their rather excellent range of Taliban figures. 

New Mutton Chop World War One

We know that a lot of you will be excited the know that Paul Hicks has released another four packs of his World War One range.

We have just added the four latest Mutton Chop packs to our store. These continue Paul's tradition of exquisite figures for this range and allow you to start adding bulk to your World War One armies and collections.

We'll let the pictures do the talking from here!





Spanish Town House

There is a new addition to our 'Builders Yard' in the form of a Spanish Terraced Town House.

Made of high quality resin, his detailed kit features removable roof sections, a separate base and metal detail parts. It makes a great piece on any wargames table and, as with many of our 'Spanish' buildings, it has uses for many other periods and locations.





New Red Star Dien Bien Phu

The Vietnamese have been given extra support in the form of heavy Machine Gun and Mortar Teams.

We have just added these two new packs to our Red Star store. Yet more additions to this exciting range providing much needed reinforcement to the Viet-minh.




New Tsuba Russo-Japanese Packs

We have just added the latest packs for this range to the shop.

We'll pretty much let the pictures do the talking for these - exquisite figures as you would expect from Tsuba, and useful for wargamers too. What more could you need?



Melanoma Action and Support Scotland Charity Figure

"As some of you will know, my younger sister died in May this year of a misdiagnosed melanoma. It started under her big toe and ended up in her brain, and killed her very quickly indeed.  She left behind a wonderful husband and three lovely young teenage girls.  
The cancer spread so fast that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her properly, and so in her memory, and to raise awareness of the dangers of melanomas, I - and two equally unhinged friends, Rodger Williams and Peter Martin - have decided to raise £100,000 for MASScot by taking part in the 2014 Mongol Rally.
The Mongol Rally takes place annually between the UK and Ulan Bataar, the capital of Mongolia.  It's a three week, eight thousand mile drive, across inhospitable terrain, along some of the worst roads in the world….and all in a car which has an engine no bigger than 1L. And they don't like you to take a 4WD car either (not that that would make much of a difference in a 1L car…). 
Our route will take us through Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, across the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and then - finally - Mongolia.  We expect to complete it in three weeks.  And while it will be 'epic' in the true sense of the word, it will also be bloody hard work.
The charity we are raising money for is a small Scottish cancer charity, based in Glasgow, called 'Melanoma Action and Support Scotland' a.k.a. 'MASScot' (Charity Registration No. SC040286).      They were, and continue to be, hugely supportive of my sisters family through these very difficult times. 
All money raised through donations and sponsorship will go directly to the charity. All costs will be covered by the three of us.
Can I ask you therefore to dig deep and support something that is very close to my heart and in a very good cause.
You can read more about The Mongol Rally here:
Thank you all for reading this.
best regards
As both Keith and I are members of this drinking, sorry wargaming, club and I have known Steve for a few years in our other life  Wink Empress wondered how we could help. In the end we thought that we would do what we do best. We designed and created  a figure especially for this appeal. We also persuaded, although it was far from hard to convince them. In fact we could not stop the little loves, both Paul Hicks and Stewart of Griffin Moulds to donate their services free of charge, as we did ours.
We wanted something funny, in period and that lots of gamers could use for the interwar and WW2 period. The solution came in the creation of the Grandson of Flashman VC. 
Boy Flashman, as he is known to the other officers in the mess. Slightly effete and with the good looks and charm of a young David Niven.  



The charity figure is now available in our 'Jazz Age Imperialism' store!

More New Releases: Spain and New Zealand

We have added some of the new items that were available at Salute! last weekend.

Some new and particularly iconic vehicles have been added to our Spanish Civil War range. We now have the Bilbao armoured car, the compact Trubia tank, a slightly nutty improvised carrier/mortar carrier and the classic Panzer 1 Ausf A with the adapted Breda 20mm turret.





 We have also added a particularly nice new pack of New Zealand War militia, which we are discovering are useful for almost any conflict during this period, from the Indian Mutiny to the American Civil War and beyond!


Quick Update: New Xan 15mm Napoleonics

New British Highlander and Light Infantry packs have been added to our Xan store. 

We've only just received these in time for Salute! so pictures are still to come, but these little masterpieces have just turned up so are available right now.

 Highland infantry:
NB20- Highlanders center company marching With Kilt. 
NB21- Highlanders flank company marching With Kilt. 
NB22- Highlanders flank company marching with trousers. 
NB23- Highlanders flank company firing/loading with trousers. 
NB24- Highlanders command (Officer, drummer, ensign and piper) 
NB25- Ensign 
NB26- Highlanders center company sergeant. 
NB27- Highlander center company without bonnet.

Light infantry:
NB30- Light infantryman marching. 
NB31- Light infantryman SK. 
NB32- Light infantry command
NB33- Light infantry Ensign 


New Tsuba Miniatures German Marines

We have just taken delivery of Tsuba's exquisite new German Marines.

  Although designed for the turbulent period in Germany after the first world war, these marines are suitable for a number of theatres and scenarios around this time, not to mention a range of 'what-ifs' and pulp opportunities. Once more Paul Hicks has provided sculpting duties and the results a predictably detailed and characterful!




 Available in our store and we will be carrying stock of these to Salute! too.


New Red Star Vietminh Command

We have just added the latest Red Star Miniatures Dien Bien Phu pack to our store - the Vietminh regulars command. Beautifully detailed this pack fills a necessary spot in your Vietminh forces and is available in our store now.










We have also added two additional packs of  interwar North West Frontier Highlanders, full of character and style.



Finally we have the intimidating German Leopard 2A6. This example of state-of-the-art tank design is a truly awesome model. It is a truly menacing piece of hardware and joins our other modern MBTs in our vehicle range.



We have plenty more due for release in the next few weeks, so keep checking back!


New FT17s

We have just released two variations of one of the most popular early tanks. The FT17 was developed by the French during the First World War and continued to see service right up until (and during) the Second. 


It was used by many nations and fought on many fronts in the inter-war years and is a great addition to any collection that touches on these periods. Our two variations (conical or hex turret) comes with the option of machine gun or SA37/18 gun armament. This 28mm model is highly detailed and easy to assemble.

These are also available in threes for a great discount!




These are available in our online store now! You can find it in our Spanish Civil War and Jazz Age areas.


New 'Jazz Age' British

We are very proud to announce our latest releases in our 1920's-30's 'Jazz Age' range - RAF pilots and Highlanders.


These exquisite figures are crammed full of character and suggest any number of gaming possibilities for this period. Designed to compliment our Afghan/Tribesman figures, these are ready for high adventure in far-away places!





These are all available in our 'Jazz Age Imperialism' store now!

New Modern Figures and Spanish Civil War Vehicles

Three new packs of modern figures have been added to our store this morning. There are two new USMC 'specials' and a PLA Special Forces set. The USMC include an awesome Seal Team, complete with the option of the futuristic 'Quadeye' night optics, and an amazingly detailed set of USMC 'frogmen' divers who have huge gaming potential and would work equally well in a 'pulp' scenario as a modern real-world situation.





Once again our sculptor has gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to authenticity and detail on these new figures and we are proud to show them here!


 On a different front entirely, you will also find two new vehicles in our Spanish Civil War range. The Chevrolet M37 armoured car. This was locally manufactured, based on the Chevrolet truck chassis, inspired by the BA-6 Soviet armoured car.


This will be initially offered with the original Spanish turret, with a short 47mm gun. Additionally, a variant with the T26B turret instead will be available soon. Both these versions saw significant action from 1937 onwards and, although Republican built, the Nationalist forces were quick to repair and press into service captured vehicles. 


Next up is a Militia Amoured Truck - yet another variation on a theme as was so common during the conflict. This truck is a typical Spanish local-made variant, but would also work nicely in VBCW and other pulp 1930's scenarios.

These new items are all available in our store now!


New Red Star Vietnamese

We have just added two brand new packs of the rather wonderful Red Star Miniatures Dien Bien Phu regular Vietminh to our shop. These characterful figures finally give your French paratroopers someone to fight!




New Moderns Are Available

Our new modern USMC, Chinese and Australians are now available in our store, along with both versions of the OSHKOSH M-ATV!


We are shipping the last of our Kickstarter pledges over the next week, and will begin shipping other orders as soon as they are gone. In the meantime we are making the majority of the new figures available to order now.


These stunning new figures will allow you to field US Marine, Chinese PLA and Australian Army forces on your tabletop - in some cases for the first time. We have pulled out all the stops on these figures to produce some of the best releases we've ever done.


The giant M-ATV is the first addition to our modern vehicle range for some time and is a beauty. Bristling with detail, both version are an imposing presence on the wargames table.


The new forces are complete with support weapons, all modeled in exquisite detail and based on extensive research.


Over 60 new figures are available right now in our Modern Combat store.



Full Australian Preview in Store

We have added the entire line of new Modern Australian Army figures to our online store. These will be available as soon as we have completed shipping of our Kickstarter order (January).



More Modern Figures Previewed - Diggers and the M-ATV 

We are pleased to preview more of our forthcoming moderns - this time the Australians and the awesome Oshkosh M-ATV.

The Australians will all come with a selection of heads (plain helmets and ball-caps under the helmet as seen in modern conflict zones) and are dressed in the very latest 'Auscam' version of Crye Precision unifoms.




As you can see from the images, we have been uncompromising with the detailing on these figures and believe them to be some of the best in our modern range so far.



The giant M-ATV is the Marine replacement for the HUMVEE and brings our range of vehicles bang up to date. Full of great details but straightforward to put together, the M-ATV is available with either the .50cal turret or the Mk19 Grenade Launcher.




All of these will be available in January - just as soon as we have shipped our Kickstarter pledges.


New Modern Figures Previewed In Store

We have added store pages for our forthcoming modern United States Marines and Chinese PLA (People's Liberation Army) ranges.

The result of our successful Kickstarter campaign, these figures will be available to buy very soon in the New Year. We are finishing off the last of the Australians which will join these and manufacturing enough of everything in order to ship to our backers, but we thought that our customers might like a preview of what is to come. These will soon be joined not only by the Australians (a brief preview upcoming in a few days) but a selection of special forces figures and the mighty OSHKOSH M-ATV (the replacement for the venerable HUMVEE).





These are currently set to 'No Stock' but will be live soon!


New English Civil War Flags

We now have our well researched range of 28mm English Civil War flags available in our online store.


These are a perfect compliment to our English Civil War range and provide a wide selection of flags, standards and banners for the period, covering both sides of the conflict.


These are avilable in our English Civil War section now. 


Mutton Chop World War One!

We are extremely proud to announce that the first packs of Paul Hicks' exquisite new World War One range are in our shop and ready for ordering.

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One Paul has pulled out all the stops to produce these fantastic figures, which are exclusively available form Empress and our worldwide distributors.

Initially focusing on the early years of the war these figures are packed with character and an excellent attention to detail. With more packs due very soon, this is going to be a range to watch.

We have stock arriving in the next few days but we are expecting high demand. With this in mind we have made these available to order now so that customers have a chance to get these as they are released.These can also be pre-ordered for a pickup at Salute! 2014.


We love these figures and they are yet another great example of the great diversity available to wargamers these days, and a great addition to the (sometimes) exotic selection of ranges offered by us.

These are available in their own part of the online store now.


Black Powder Zulu War Supplement Pre-Order


Zulu! is the latest Black Powder supplement and covers the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.

This lavish 92 page supplement chronicles such legendary battles as Isandlwana, Rorke's Drift and Ulundi. Zulu! brings you not only the background for these momentous battles but other, less well known conflicts as well as rules and force listings - all wrapped up with the usual photographs of beautifully painted miniature and armies, including lots of Empress Miniatures figures!

This book comes with an exclusive to Empress free miniature of 'Harry Lightman' ... a distinguished British officer of some repute!


You've seen the silver screen version of events in Zulu and Zulu Dawn - now you can re-fight these classic engagements on the tabletop...

Please note this is a pre-order product that will be released at the beginning of December 2013. Available in our 'Wargames Rules' Area now!



New Cavalry

We have added new cavalry to both our English Civil War and Spanish Civil War ranges.


Our outstanding English Civil War range now includes six new packs of un-armoured cavalry troopers, including command. These beautiful figures are fine additions to what is becoming one of the most comprehensive 28mm Civil War ranges available.



We have also revamped our Spanish Civil War cavalry with new far superior horses to our original offering, and more flexible buying options. These now have their own section in the Spanish Civil War section of the website in preparation for additional releases.



We have a lot of exciting things coming for Spain in the next few months, including a selection of new vehicles and artillery!



New 'Jazz Age' Afghans and New Zealand Wars

Our latest releases for the 'Jazz Age Imperialism' era Afghans and New Zealand Wars are available in our store now.

We have added three new packs of mounted Afghan warriors including a warlord with his banner-bearer. These dynamic figures continue the mounted contingent for this range and include some more 'modern' firearms'.






Our New Zealand range now includes a Maori carronade gun and a set of desperate farmers defending their homestead!



These are available right now!

Empress Miniatures Acquires Imprint Models

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that we are now the owners of the Imprint Models range of 28mm Modern Vehicles.



We've always considered the Imprint range of vehicles and tanks to be the perfect partner to our Modern Miniatures, and it is great that we can take this range and pair it more closely to the figures. We would like to thank Bob Winward for all of his efforts in growing Imprint over the years and in allowing us to carry the torch for his fantastic range going forward.



We will be adding the entire range to our store over the next few days and discussing ways to support it with new releases and crew figures etc.



 Empress Miniatures is pleased to be working with The Naseby Project.

For more information please visit