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We are pleased to announce that our hosting company has resolved the Paypal issue and the store is now functioning correctly. Apologies for any inconvienience over the last two weeks!

As always if you have any problems or questions you can always contact us via



The 1/50 scale Russian T14 Armata MBT is now released into the shop.

This beauty boasts a range of offensive and defensive weapons systems and is currently under trial before entering service within the next two years. Well thats the plan






Cold War Armour and Flags

HLBSC vehicles and Iron Duke Flags

We have just added some more vehicles to our modern vehicles room. These HLBSC cold war vehicles have hung around in armies around the world and still pop up on battlefields today.

They include Scorpion, Striker, Saladin, Saracen, Fox, Stalwart, and Ferret as well as a very ueseful British Stowage kit for your vehicles.






There are also a lot of new Iron Duke Indian Mutiny flags available in our Iron Duke store. These are meticulously researched and a perfect compliment to this spectacular range of figures.






New Things!

GIs, Germans, Romanians and Unmentionables

We've a huge catch-up today with new sets for both World War 2 and Moderns.

Firstly from ourselves we have new GI M19 MG support teams (moving and firing) and German tank-hunter teams (fausts and schreks). We are really proud of these and hope you'll agree that they are up to our usual standards.




Next we have the brilliant new range of Tsuba Miniatures World War 2 Romanians. This much needed range is very complete and beautifully sculpted.


Finally we have updates to our Modern ranges which include a motley group of experienced Mercs - each probabaly coming with a long back-story and as a group able to cause mayhem while getting the job done. Sometimes known as Tthe Unmentionables, these guys can make all the difference while planning a special mission!




World War Two Update

New American and German Sets

We are very pleased to celibrate (almost) the end of January with some new WW2 releases. We've added engineers, a mortar and a highly detailed 57mm gun.





For opposition we released more German Volksgrenadiers just before Christmas, including some much needed panzerfaust and MG42 support.







As always these are available in our store now, and there are many more releases planned for this range!



New Iron Duke Indian Mutiny Releases


Personalities, officers, transport, mutineers and more!


Kicking off the New Year in style we have the latest long-awaited releases from the peerless Iron Duke Indian Mutiny range. Continuing the objective that this will indeed be the most complete (and most mouth-watering) Mutiny range available we have the first full personality set which includes Brig-Gen. Henry Havelock, Maj-Gen Sir James Outram, Lt-Col. Tytler. (DQMG), Brig-Gen James Neill, Capt. Francis Maude RA, Lt. Harry Havelock.





Alongside the personalities we have a superb set of mounted officers, a camel train, an ammunition supply train, more Sikhs and more Mutineers. We can only recommend that you take a look in our Iron Duke store to see what other goodies have been added to the range.










New Tsuba Russo-Japanese War Artillery

Type 31 75mm Mountain Gun, Japanese Crews and a Russian HMG

We are very happy to announce new releases for the Tsuba RJW range.

This has long been a favourite range of ours and moves closer to completion with Japanese artillery (following on from the brilliant Russian Putilov earlier this year). Like it's Russian counterpart this comes with different crew options, including moving and firing poses. There is also an much-needed and rather splendid Russian heavy machine gun added today. This piece is extremely evocative of the period and wouldn't look out of place on many non-historical 'Steam-punk' themed tabletops!


We will once again be attneding Warfare in Reading so please stop by and say helo if you are there. As always we recommend pre-ordering if there are specific items you want on the day. With so much to bring these days there is always a danger that popular items can run out quite quickly.





New World 28mm War Two, 1898 Miniatures Buffalo Soldiers and Iron Duke Indian Mutiny

Germans, Sailors, Buffalo Soldiers and Camels

... along with a few other things.

We are very pleased to announce the first of our late World War Two Germans. The first two packs contain Volksgrenadier riflemen in a mix of late winter gear - Zeltbahns, camoflaged smocks etc.. These grizzled veterans are the perfect compliment to our late American figures (not entirely by accident) and as you would expect there will be more of these soon.



Staying with the Second World War we have added two more packs of British Sailors - riflemen and Command/support. These brilliant foigures are very versatile covering everything from VBCW, Operation Sealion 'what-if's' and on throughout World War Two.



1898 Miniatures have provided us with three new sets of 9th and 10th Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers) for Colonial Cuba.

Finally we have a large number of new sets for Iron Duke. A lot of useful bits and pieces to help fill out your armies and tabletops before the next wave of figure releases.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for show announcements but needless to say we'll be attending most of the 'biggies' through the autumn (including Crisis). As always we'd recommend pre-ordering if possible.



New Xan Miniatures 20mm Packs Added


World War Two and Modern

Five new packs of Xan miniatures 20mm figures have been added to our store today. For World War Two we have a fantastic set of Russian weapons teams moving (with command etc.) along with two sets of German Afrika Korps. In our opinion Xan's new Afrika Korps are among the very best available and an absolute must-have for anyone who collects DAK in this scale.

There are also two heavy weapon/support packs for the Xan modern US range (in our moderns store unsurprisingly) which continue the theme of 'miniaturising' some of our larger 28mm ranges.









1930s-40s British from Mutton Chop

Inter-war, Very British Civil War and 'Operation Sealion' 

We have just added four new packs of British to Paul Hicks' brilliant Mutton Chop range. These capture the classic home army look of 1930s and very early 1940s with puttees and respirator pouches. Some BEF regiments went into France in this kit and obviously they are perfect for VBCW and theoretical 'Operation Sealion' scenarios. Paul's love of the subject once again really shines and these are full of his trademark character, animation and detail.

These are in our Mutton Chop store, but we've also added a British section to our World War Two store which includes these (as select BEF) along with some items we felt were particularly suitable for 'Operation Sealion' - the proposed German invasion of England. 








Modern Vehicle Crew & Stowage

British and US Crews

We have just added both mounted and 'bailed-out' armoured crews for both the American and British armies. These are partnered with the first of our vehicle stowage sets for US vehicles.











New World War 2 Releases

Command, Jeeps and UBoat Crew

Phew, congratulations everyone for making it through another long week! We thought you all deserved something a bit special to celebrate the start of the weekend and so we are very pleased to show off our latest World War releases. We've continued to concentrate on our American range with the addition of some new officer/NCO/squad leader types, a company command pack in typical late war gear and some variations on our rather lovely new Jeep. The first Jeep releases allow you to purchase the crew on it's own, the Jeep and crew together or as a larger set with an exquisitely detailed 57mm AT gun.






The Germans get some attention too with the release of a crew set for a spectacular UBoat. 





All available in our World War Two 28mm store from today.



1898 Miniatures New Releases

We now have the first packs of Filipinos available in our 1898 shop. These can be used as both Spanish troops and indigenous Tagalos insurgents (either deserters or rebels). There is also a great value collection specifically based on the Fillipines campaign. 

This is a great range which is growing really nicely and represents a fascinating period.








New Mutton Chop World War One

Jaegers and Trench Raiders

Spring is a wonderful time of year when for many of us thoughts turn to sunnier days, flowers blooming, lambs frolicking in the fields and, perhaps most importantly, new releases from Paul Hick's brilliant Mutton Chop World War One range. We are very pleased to present some of the best figures yet with some particularly threatening looking BEF 1916 trench-raiders and rather sharp German Jaegers. 

These sets have all of the character, animation and detail you'd expect from Paul, this being one of his favorite periods. 





 These are available in our Mutton Chop store now.



Now Stocking JFTM 'Die Waffenkammer' Vehicle Kits

Initially WW2 US and SCW Vehicles

We are pleased to announce that we have started to stock this range of resin kits from Canada. Most come with all sorts of extra stowage and crew etc. and provide a great compliment for some of our ranges. We've started by focusing on useful things for our late war 28mm American range, as well as adding the long needed BT5 to our Spanish Civil War 'Tanks and Vehicles' store.

For WW2 we have a number of Sherman variants all suitable for the late war period, along with the GMC Truck, the White Scout Car and the beast that is the M26 Pershing!

These can all be found in our US store now.






New Modern British Support Weapons

New releases coming thick and fast in the run-up to Salute!

Additional support has just been added to our superlative modern British range with machine gun and AT options. As always this time of year we highly recommend that you pre-order if you'd like to pick these up at the Salute! show.







World War Two Americans, Second Release

Platoon essentials added to our new 28mm US range.

We are very pleased to present the latest releases in our 28mm World War 2 US range. This release  contains a combination of additional rifleman poses (we are aiming for little or no pose repetition in your squads or platoons) and support weapons. We have two bazooka teams, both firing and moving, which were part of the armoured infantry squad make-up and an essential Platoon support option more generally. Along with these we have the first of our .30cal options, in this case the M1917A1 which was the heavier brother to the M1919. 





You might not be surprised when we mention that more figures are on their way soon, but not before Salute!

With Salute in mind we strongly recommend pre-ordering for collection at the show if you are attending this year. We inevitably run out of popular items quickly on the day so pre-ordering can be the safest way to guarantee that you get what you want! Who knows, we might even share one or two secrets about upcoming releases depending on how busy we are ...



Spring Lunacy - Presenting the Empress 28mm U-Boat!

Who doesn't want one of these?

To be quite honest we weren't entirely sure whether this should have gone in out terrain or vehicles stores ... but for now it's in our 28mm World War 2 and Spanish Civil War areas. 

What can we say? We've always wanted one of these ourselves (or three ...) and they are actually surprisingly versatile. Straight-up battles (for those with big enough tables), Commando raids, Pulp Adventure - this thing makes a great center-piece to a wide range of games. We are particularly proud of the way it breaks down making it easy to store.




After a bit of debate on our Facebook page we have this up at a special pre-Salute price of £59. This will have to go up a bit soon, but we'll hold it at that for now.

We have almost sold out of our initial run of these already (just via word of mouth in fact) so if you would like one for Salute then we highly recommend pre-ordering. Always a good idea, but in this case probably essential. 

Empress Miniatures - doing our best to service your Bond Villain fantasies! 



Iron Duke Latest Releases

Sikhs/Punjabis and Water!

Iron Duke's latest releases have just been added to our store. These include a useful supplemental pack for the Sikhs and a great bit of colour in the shape of a company water bullock!



 These can be purchased HERE


New 1898 Miniatures Releases

Suitable for the Philippines

We have just added three more figure sets to our 1898 Miniatures store. This excellent range is steadily growing and the latest offerings are wearing the standing collar coat and 1897 pattern colonial equipment suitable for the Philippines. Loads of character and style!




These can be found in the 1898 store HERE 



CV33 Lanciafiamme Variant Released

'Barrel' Type CV33 brings the heat! 

To mark the additional of our Italians to our new World War Two store (and the re-introduction of a dedicated Abyssinian Conflict store), we have released a variant of the Italian CV33. This flame-throwing light tank is a later variant of the classic trailer Lanciafiamme design.





 This little beauty can be found HERE


Zulu War British Wagons

New British Equipment Releases

We've added some new (and quite essential) kit to our Zulu War British Store.

Service Wagons and Water Wagons were a common sight on many 19th Century campaigns for obvious reasons. These kits are simple to assemble and would work as raid objectives, barricades or as part of an invasion column.

The  wagon comes on it's own or as part of a larger set which includes a full compliment of draft oxen and a driver. We also have an optional bag-load which adds a lot of character and detail to the kit.







 These can be found along with the rest of our extensive Zulu War British range HERE




Empress Miniatures 28mm World War Two

First Releases for a Major New Range

Well, this is a big day here at Empress Miniatures, and one that sees the release of a significant new range for us.

Firstly a little history. We first met Paul Hicks back in Empress's pre-history when he was the sculpting talent and part owner of an exciting new miniatures company called Bolt Action. His work during this time played a significant part in establishing what has become one of the dominant scales for World War Two gaming. Indeed many of Paul's World War Two figures are considered definitive to this day.

28mm World War Two has always been on the list for Empress (indeed our Italians represent our first steps in this direction) and we felt there were some serious gaps in what is currently available. Beyond this we were sure we aren't alone in wanting to see Paul back to one of his first loves and producing beautiful second world war sculpts again! We've been quietly waiting until we all felt it was the right time to take this step ... 

So where do we start?  Our ranges start with Late War World War Two American GIs. There are in the M43 uniform so suitable from autumn 1944 onward. Holland, Belgium, Ardennes, Hurtgenwald, Germany and all points between. This initial release is just the spearhead and we have more due imminently, including .30cal teams, bazooka teams, more infantry etc. 





These will also work perfectly for Korea and, at a push, French Indo-China too. You can expect to see more releases very soon, along with painted examples etc. We will be approaching these in typical Empress style with a lot of depth and options allowing you to field really attractive and comprehensive armies on the table. We might also have a few surprises up our sleeves too.

These are size-compatible with all current World War Two ranges, particularly those already sculpted by Paul!

We will be producing everything you need for the most popular World War Two rules (Chain of Command, Bolt Action etc.). We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions on this range so please get in touch and let us know what you think.

These initial packs are available in our new 28mm WW2 store here 



Introducing 1898 Miniatures

Empress Now Stocking A New Range From Spain

We are very pleased to announce that we are now stocking the brilliant 1989 Miniatures range. Currently producing figures for some really interesting conflicts - the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War. The quality of the figures is superb and they are based on the formidable and experienced team of Rafael Gómez and Javier Gómez (the painter 'El Mercenario') supported by a number of respected collaborators.


The full range is available in a new store page now!



New for Thursday

Italian guns and Afghan accessories

We have updated our beautiful Italian Canon da 75/27 which now comes with a crew wearing helmets. This is entirely suitable for the later Spanish Civil War, World War Two Greece, North Africa, Sicily and mainland Italy.


This can be found in our extensive Italian Store (there is so much in the range now that the Italians deserve their own section).

 We've also added a set of 'Jazz Age' Afghan heads which are so ridiculously useful for both historical and pulp that we hardly need to sell you on the idea! These are in our Jazz Age store. 



New FNG!

Viet Minh and French-Vietnamese Paratroopers

We are on a roll this month with yet another range update - this time from FNG!
The Viet Minh benefit from improved close-assault capabilities with two packs of assault troops busily assaulting stuff! 

Next up is a much requested addition in the form of French-Vietnamese paratroopers. These formed the troops of the Parachute Battalions and fought alongside the French during the period.



 Finally there are more separate heads. We've become quit addicted to swapping heads around with our own figures from this range. There's a great deal of variety available now that really helps depict the irregular and elite nature of the French paratrooper. Oh, and Kepis are just plain cool!




Tsuba Miniatures Update

German Revolution, Russo Japanese War and ACW Civilians

The excellent Tsuba Miniatures German Revolution range has received a significant update in the form of Spartacist/Red Army for the January Uprising. These fantastic figures have been long overdue and Paul Hicks has done a wonderful job in bringing them to life. These are partnered with an extension to the 'Red' Sailor range with a set of sailors at rest.






This has now officially become quite a range so to celebrate we have collected these, along with the already superb Freikorps Werdenfels into a new German Revolution page where you can find everything together.

Next is a set of Japansese officers with sashimono, adding something exotic to the Russo Japanese War.

Finally a bit of fun with an American Civil War 'Coming Home' vignette based on a famous song (you'll have to check the store to see which one ;-)). These are wonderful figures and would work as civilians for many different locations during the period (Maori War springs to mind for some reason ...). You can find these in the Tsuba 'Misc' section of our store.



Highlanders and Republicans

Inter-war mortar and Spanish Civil War Republican Infantry

We have two small but perfectly formed slices of Paul Hicks loveliness to present to you today. Our Jazz Age inter-war Highlanders are fortified with a mortar and crew (who seem to have got themselves into another fine mess) while the expansion of our Spanish Civil War Republican infantry continues with some brilliantly animated assaulting infantry.




Rangers Lead The Way!

US Rangers added to our Modern Combat Range

We've had a lot of requests for these and have wanted to do them for a long time and now, finally, we are very pleased to present our new US Rangers. Absolutely packed with authentic detail, these were some of our most complex figures to design.


Our Rangers are available with loads of options - riflemen, AT weapons, UAV controlers etc. as you would expect from their flexible battlefield role.







 You'll find all of these (and more) on their own dedicated page in our Modern Combat Store



Russian GAZ Tigr 

Russian 4x4 All Terrain Infantry Mobility Vehicle

Our modern Russian range gets some lighter mobility in the form of the relatively new GAZ Tigr armoured car. This excellent kit comes with both grenade launcher and MMG options, along with a full set of aerials allowing you to build the command version too.




This is available in our modern vehicle store now. 



New Spanish Civil War and English Civil War

New additions to our Republican and Italian forces for Spain, and classic 'back and breast' cavalry for the English Civil War.

We are very pleased to show off two new releases for Spain. We have some dynamic skirmishing Republican infantry, the latest pack in our extension of our Republican forces. To counter these we have an Italian mortar (with a rather relaxed crew if we're honest) which is available in both our Spanish Civil War and Italian Conflicts ranges, being suitable for both SCW and World War Two. 



It's worth remembering that we also stock the wonderful Painting War Spanish Civil War guide featuring the formidable talents of Reuben Torregrossa for ultimate inspiration in assembling and painting your forces.


Our new English Civil War that cavalry are kitted out in helmets and buff coats. In true Empress style we offer a lot of variety for your tabletop. Six full new packs, available in pairs or as a Value Deal.





New English Civil War 

Two new ECW packs have been added to the store this morning, allowing you to add some variety to your cavalry.

Cavalry in burgonet helmets and monterro hats.



We've also added a set of separate heads in Wolesley helmets to our Jazz Age store  - frightfully useful don'tcha know?




Modern Russian Additions

Spetsnaz and Head Options

We have added several new packs to our modern Russian range this morning, including a Spetsnaz / \ recce patrol and some head options. We are particularly taken by the menacing look of the Russian gas-mask heads which are perfect for building take-downs, anti-riot, large battlefield and zombie apocalypse scenarios!





Chinese ZTZ99 MBT

The Chinese 'Type 99' has just been added to our modern vehicle store.

We have expanded our PLA range today with the additiona of China's latest MBT. Featuring a 125mm gun and a host of modern technologies the Type 99 provides the PLAGF (People's Liberation Army Ground Force) with very capable tank support. Coming into service from 2001 the Type99 has started to phase-out earlier MBTs such as the Type98.


Our resin and metal model is packed with detail and easy to build. 







High-tech additions to our British Special Forces

Going back to where our Modern Combat range started we have just added two new packs to our SAS range. These are kitted out in full 'hi-speed' gear and between them bring some serious covert capabilities to the gaming table!

The product of much research, these figures are absolutely packed with detail as you would expect from us (and why we've shown front and back pictures below).








New Tsuba Russo-Japanese War

The Russians get artillery and food while the Japanese get some proper leadership!

It would be a very difficult thing to pick favourites from our ranges when our policy is to only sell things that we want ourselves, but it's probably true to say that the Tsuba Russo-Japanese range sits high in our affections. Marvelous figures by Mr Hicks, a wonderfully atmospheric period and a great overall vision for the range. So with this in mind we are very happy to announce new packs have just been added by Tsuba and the Empress store pages.







 The Russians now have some serious firepower in the form of two Putilov gun sets which are followed by a brilliant little foraging vignette (definitely a reality of war at the time). The Japanese benefit from some serious rank as they now have a new high-command set.


Great figures which we highly recommend taking a look at. All now available in our Tsuba store.

More Iron Duke Mutineers - Just In Time For Salute!

The Duke continues to provide exactly what war-gamers demand - variety and plenty of it.

More spectacular figures have been added to Iron Duke's Indian Mutiny range today, providing yet more variety and depth. We have added new Sepoy Command and Ensign sets, along with two gun-team variations.

All available now and available at Salute! 2016.








More Mutton Chop World War One!

Paul Hicks has added more BEF and German packs to this beautiful range and they are in the Mutton Chop store right now!


The latest releases for our favourite World War One range include machine gun support for both the British and Germans, along with the first of Paul's absolutely superb British Cavalry. All highly evocative of the period and essential additions to any World War One collection.





Spanish Civil War Republican Additions

New Republican packs added to the store just in time for Salute!

Our superlative Spanish Civil War range has just grown with the addition of two new packs for the Republican Army. These include a command set featuring officers, standard bearer and stretcher beearer alongside a new set of support weapons, one of which is a deadly flamethrower!

These have been added to the Republican section of our Spanish Civil War store today and are also available for a last-minute Salute pre-order (definitely recommended at this point).





New Iron Duke Mutineers

As per the Duke's plans, we have three new packs of mutineers added to the store today.

These represent members of the BNI in both covered forage caps and skull caps, and add even more variety to Iron Duke's already comprehensive listing for the mutineers. All will be available at Salute!, although we highly recommend pre-ordering to guarantee availability on the day!






English Civil War Light Gun and Extras

Our English Civil War range expands today with the addition of a fantastic full Light Gun set and some other useful packs.

Our rather special new light gun set comes with full crew, limber and accessories. We are particularly proud of this addition to the range and as ever the set has been meticulously researched.


We have also added some 'wagoneers' to the range, a detail that is often missing from the tabletop but a common sight during the period. Fantastic for adding detail and colour to your armies.



New English Civil War Dragoons

The latest packs have been added to our extensive English Civil War range - this time mounted Dragoons and a rather wonderful Dragoon Horse Holder! these are all available in our store now!












New Iron Duke Mutineers

We have just added no less than eight new packs of Bengal Native Infantry mutineers to the Iron Duke Indian Mutiny store! Stunning sculpts by the ever-talented Mr Hicks we at Empress really don't think it gets much better than this! All of these are ready to add to your collection now, but in the meantime we'll just let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!












US Navy Seal Special Forces

Two new United States Marine packs have just been added to our Modern Combat web store. These add more Navy Seals to our special forces sets an, as you would expect, come absolutely packed with detail. The first set represents Navy Seals engaged on Operation Redwing in 2005. These come fully loaded with survival equipment and present some great options for scenarios in your games.





The second set represents a Navy Seal Sniper in Iraq 2005 both moving and deployed. Conceivably you could describe him as an American Sniper? Again, superbly detailed - this is one of our most ambitious figures yet and we are very pleased with how well this has come out.






 Both of these packs are available in the United States Marines section of our Modern Combat store.



New English Civil War Cavalry

We've just added the latest codes to our English Civil War range in the shape of no less than six new cavalry packs. These are variations of cavalry in armour and felt hats on standing horses. As you would expect from Empress there are lots of variations to help you produce the most authentic looking units possible.








Iron Duke Indian Mutiny Releases

Iron Duke have just released four new packs of Mutineer infantry and these are available in our Iron Duke store now. Rendered with fantastic character as you'd expect, each pack represents the next step in the Duke's plan to provide collectors and wargamers with absolutely the most comprehensive, considered and accurate Indian Mutiny range available.




You can find these new packs, alongside new flag sheets, in the store now!



New Italians 


We have just added a number of new packs to our Italian range. These new packs represent the Italian Army in the iconic M33 helmet, and this makes them suitable for the later inter-war period (Spanish Civil War etc.) and throughout World War Two. These uniforms could be seen in Italy, Sicily, Greece, Africa and even Russia.











New Addition To Our Rolls Royce Family

We are proud to present the next version of our superlative Rolls Royce armoured car kit. This new version has the common disc wheels and very possibly represents the most common inter-war variant. As with our first release it features a serious number of options including removable Vickers machine gun (with tripod and water-canister), removable/movable bonnet covers and engine compartment sides as well as a removable turret roof (for hot weather operations), a detailed engine and separate stowage panniers. In all ways this is a 'state of the art' metal and resin kit!



New 'disc wheel' Rolls Royce


Don't forget our fantastic crew figures also available. Both version of the Rolls, along with the crew, can be found in our Jazz-Age store. 



Earlier 'spoked wheels' showing open bonnet and other details. 




Rolls Royce Crew (mounted and dismounted) - Pack Jazz 9 


Painting War - Spanish Civil War Edition

We are very pleased to add Painting WAR #5 to our store. Showcasing the incredible painting and techniques of by Rubén Torregrosa "HeresyBrush", this volume is beyond inspirational! Full of Empress Miniatures figures and representing uniforms and forces from both sides of the conflict we reckon this is essential for anyone with an interest in the period.


Containing 39 different painted miniatures, Reuben takes you step-by-step through the painting process with something to learn for both beginner and expert painters. You will find this book in both our 'Books and Rules' and 'Spanish Civil War Universal' pages.




Free Danger Close Falklands War Army Lists


We have just uploaded a free .pdf of army lists for Danger Close. You can find this (and other resources) in our Modern Combat store area. Keep a look out for further lists being added very soon!




New Vehicles - Something Old, Something New


As we get ready for the run-up to Christmas we have added two new vehicles to the store, perhaps demonstrating just how diverse the Empress ranges can be?


First we have a venerable old Hispano Suiza truck from the 1930s. Designed for our superlative Spanish Civil War range, this workhorse was a common sight in Europe not to mention ready for all manner of Pulp adventure!





Secondly we have something far newer and a little more deadly. The Chinese PLA amphibious ZBD05 IFV. Designed to support amphibious landings, this monster delivers your PLA forces right to the heart of the action and makes an interesting comparison to our US Marine AAVP-7A1.





Both kits are available in the store now! 



New Iron Duke Indian Mutiny Releases

Hurrah! We are very pleased to present the latest releases in the exceptional Iron Duke Indian Mutiny range. Not only does Maude's Battery get another gun crew (this time firing a gun) but we have the first of the mutineers, looking absolutely splendid with plenty of character and detail.

These are all available in our Iron Duke store pages. Don't gorget to visit the Duke's own website for lots of information and inspiration -






New Zulu War, English Civil War and Jazz-Age!


New releases ahoy! We've added more Naval Brigade to our Zulu War 1979 British, along with some skirmishing Dragoons for the English Civil War. Finally some beautifully detailed Afghan Militia to help keep peace along the frontier. All available in our shop now!


Naval Brigade







Afghan Militia






Danger Close Digital

We have just added a two new Downloads sections for our Danger Close rules. In here you will find the most up-to-date version of the Danger Close rules available as a digital download at a bargain price, along with a handy free roster sheet download.

We will be adding new materials for Danger Close regularly so it's worth checking this page for new updates, OOBs and scenarios etc. 


How To Build The Empress Rolls Royce


We are justifiably (in our opinion) proud of our rather beautiful 28mm Rolls Royce kit armoured car kit. Including an engine and removable Vickers MG, turret and body panels it is perhaps the definitive version in this scale. As a result, however, it is a little more complex that other renditions.

With this in mind our very own Paul has put together a really useful step-by-step 'how to' guide. As he points out, it's really not too difficult once you know where everything goes and well worth the extra effort.

Building The Empress Rolls Royce


FNG Miniatures!

Red Star Name Change

The brilliant Dien Bien Phu range, formerly of Red Star Miniatures, is now under new ownership and with this comes a new name - FNG Miniatures.


To celebrate there are two new additions to the range in the shape of a pair of assaulting Viet Minh packs. Masterfully sculpted as usual by Paul Hicks, these are available in the store now. 




Zulu War Naval Brigade 

The Navy arrive in Africa

We have just added three new packs that bring the long-awaited Naval Brigade comes to our Anglo Zulu War range. Brilliantly characterful sculpts from the esteemed Mr Hicks as always, these cover command, firing line and advancing ratings (HMS Boudicea).

These can be found in the '1879 British' section of our store (Anglo Zulu War) right now! 





A Rumble of Thunder! New Mountain Gun for the Jazz Age. 

Latest addition to our inter-war collection.

This highly detailed and fully crewed mountain gun makes a brilliant new addition to our ever-growing Jazz Age Imperialism inter-war range. Provide a bit of much needed ranged support to your troops, or alternatively lead your tribesmen in an assault to remove this dangerous pest! Available in our store now.





 Empress Miniatures is pleased to be working with The Naseby Project.

For more information please visit